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Greece, useful information

Time: not different from Kiev
Phone Code: +30
Web: .gr
National currency: Euro (EUR)
Entry into the country: for citizens of Ukraine with a biometric passport - a visa-free regime. In other cases, you need a valid Greek Schengen visa or an already traveled multiple Schengen visa of any other country with a margin of validity and the number of days of stay in the Schengen zone.

Food: the cost of a “typical” dinner is 15–25 euros
Service: tip 5–10% of the order amount


Greece is a country where they can enjoy life. The Greeks infect numerous tourists with this talent. Try to explore the maximum of the many legacies of antiquity or impressively sunbathe on the beach - whoever likes it. But lovers of both active and lazy relaxation are united in that no matter what the day, in Greece he should alternate with unhurried meals with Mediterranean dishes, wine, friendly conversations or unrestrained fun of clubs and discos.
Greece beckons with its versatility. But no matter what vacation tourists choose, it will be unforgivable not to see at least a hundredth of the colossal number of historical monuments that are concentrated in this country.
In Greece, as you know, there is everything. Moreover - always. In the winter season, connoisseurs of the rich historical heritage of this country can go on excursions without fear of getting a sunstroke. Shop tourists, on the other hand, paved the way to the "fur paradise" - Kastoria. But there is not only what to buy there, but also what to see.


Regular flights between Ukraine and Greece are carried out by Aerosvit (Kiev - Athens, Odessa - Athens, in the summer season also Kiev - Thessaloniki), Khors (Kiev - Athens), Sky Wings (Kiev - Athens).
During the summer season, charter flights to Heraklion, Thessaloniki, the islands of Rhodes, Corfu and Crete are also carried out.



The passport must be valid for 6 months at the end of the trip.

For citizens of Ukraine with a biometric passport - a visa-free regime. In other cases, you need a valid Greek Schengen visa or an already traveled multiple Schengen visa of any other country with a margin of validity and the number of days of stay in the Schengen zone.


FEATURE: Children of any age need to draw up a children's travel document.


For children, the original birth certificate is required. If the child is traveling with one of the parents, a notarized permission from the second parent and a copy of his passport (foreign or domestic, if there is no foreign) should be provided.
An entry visa to the Athos Peninsula is issued for a period of 4 days to professors, teachers, students of theology, philosophy, history after providing a certificate of occupation. To visit the island’s monasteries, male pilgrims require a petition from the Greek authorities.


Duty-free import of 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars is allowed; 1 liter of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22% or 2 liters of drinks whose strength does not exceed 22%, 4 liters of non-sparkling wines and 16 liters of beer; goods worth up to 430 euros (for those traveling by plane and by sea) and up to 300 euros (by land). For persons under 15 years of age, the amount of imported goods is 150 euros, regardless of the type of transport. You can import no more than one video camera, camera, tape recorder or sports equipment per person.
It is forbidden to import drugs and narcotic preparations, weapons and ammunition without special permission, toxic substances and plants in the ground, dairy and meat products, with the exception of 2 kg of baby food or food that a person needs for medical purposes.
Import of foreign currency is not limited. At the entrance to Greece, border guards can check the solvency of the tourist. To do this, you must present the currency at the rate of at least 50 euros per day per person.
Without duty, souvenirs, cigarettes, 1 liter of spirits, 2 liters of wine, 2 liters of olive oil can be exported from Greece. The export of antiquities, including stones from archaeological excavations, as well as objects found at the bottom of the sea, is prohibited.


Embassy of Ukraine in Greece in Athens: 30 (210) 680-02-30
Fire Service 199
Police 100
Tourist Police 171
Ambulance 166
Rescue Service 112


Currency can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, as well as at post offices.
Banks are open on Monday-Thursday from 8:00 to 14:00, on Friday - until 13:00. Some banks in major tourist centers are open from 15:00 to 21:00.
Hotels, most shops and central restaurants accept credit cards.
Traveller's checks and Eurochecks issued by recognized banks can be exchanged at banks or large hotels.


FEATURE: When exchanging currency and paying by credit cards, up to 1.5% of the commission is charged.


Greece has a well-developed air service. Regular and charter flights connect the major cities of Greece and the islands. For short flights, you can hire an air taxi - an airplane for 4 seats. Tickets are sold at the box office of private airlines at airports.
The mountainous terrain of the country does not allow the active development of the railway network. Trains run only to the Peloponnese and northern Greece.
By sea, you can get to the islands of the Aegean from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina, to the islands of the Ionian Sea from the port of Killini, in the north-west of the Peloponnese. Communication with the islands of Kifira, Samotraki, Salamis, Sporades (Alonnisos, Skopelos, Skyros) and Mount Athos is provided by local communication with nearby major cities. You can get to the islands of the Saronic Gulf (Hydra, Spetses, Aegina, Poros) on ships that depart from the central port of Piraeus.
Intercity buses are a comfortable and inexpensive way to travel, they stop only on demand.
In Athens, a wide network of public transport: trolleybuses, trams, buses, metro, suburban trains. In other major cities, buses run.
Taxis can be booked at the hotel reception or taken in the parking lot. For calling a radio taxi you will have to pay extra for communication services (about 2 euros). In any case, payment is made on the counter. Fare - landing 1,19 euros plus 0,68 euros / km. At night (from 00:00 to 5:00), as well as for trips out of town - 1.19 euros / km. Taxis that carry outside the city do not always use meters, so you need to agree on a price in advance. Baggage heavier than 10 kg must be paid extra. The minimum cost of a trip in Athens and Thessaloniki is 3.16 euros, in the rest of Greece - 3.39 euros. For trips to the Athens airport from 5:00 to midnight, a single fare of 35 euros applies (at night - 50 euros).
You can rent a car for people 21 years of age or older. In this case, as a rule, you must have at least 1 year of driving experience. Rental price - from 40 euros per day. A motorcycle may only be rented if there is a mark in the right to drive a motorcycle. Rental price - from 10 euros per day. It is also advisable to have a credit card.
Sailing boats, inflatable boats and other vessels are also rented. If the tourist does not have a diploma for the right of individual management, firms offer their captain and team.



Hotels in Greece are classified by star. In addition to the global hotel chains, the country has its own: Grecotel, Aldemar, Sani, Elounda S. Hotels are organically integrated into the local landscape, many are decorated in a national style.
In addition to traditional, there are club hotels, apart-hotels. There are hotels working on the All inclusive system. You can also stay in villas, apartments, campsites.
Fresh and salt water pools are in every hotel, heated indoor pools are in many 4-5 * hotels.
Particularly noteworthy are hotels with thalassotherapy centers, some of the best in Europe and the world. It is recommended that thalassoprocedures be ordered along with the purchase of the tour, as there may be problems on the spot in order to fit into the very tight schedule of the thalassocenter.


FEATURE: The staff of most hotels speaks several languages, including Russian.


The mains voltage is 220 V, the frequency is 50 Hz. Used European-style sockets.


The crime rate in Greece is very low. However, basic precautions should not be neglected. To store valuables, you should use the hotel safes, and change money only at banks or exchange offices.
Tap water is potable.
In Greece, streets with the same name can be found in different areas. Therefore, writing down the address, it is necessary to clarify the area and landmarks.


It is not recommended to criticize or be ironic about living in Greece.
No smoking in public places.
Do not forget about the dress code. For breakfast, you can go to the restaurant in shorts and a T-shirt, but for dinner men should be in trousers and a shirt, and women in dress / trousers and shoes.
Greek Orthodox churches do not adhere to such strict rules as in Ukraine. So, women can go bare-headed, in shorts, with bare shoulders (with the exception of the monastery of Agia Triada in Crete).
In the summer from 14:00 to 17:00, a siesta reigns in the country. At this time, shops are closed, it is not customary to make appointments and make phone calls. It is also not recommended to call after 22:00.


Greece has a mild Mediterranean climate. Summer is dry and hot. From April to November, the weather is mostly cloudless, the rains are rare and short. The swimming season opens in late April and lasts until the end of October. The average sea temperature in July is +25 ° C.
April and May are the best time for excursions to historical places. The hottest months are July and August. At this time, a trip to the islands where the high temperatures are not so noticeable due to the proximity of the sea will be optimal. The velvet season falls on September-October.
In the mountainous regions it is colder than on the plains, and on top of Olympus the snow lies all year round. In November-January, precipitation is frequent.
Average air temperature:
October +18 ° C
November +15 ° C
December +12 ° C
January +9 ° C
February +10 ° C
March +12 ° C


Stores are usually open from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 17:30 to 20:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and from 9:00 to 15:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Supermarkets are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 20:00, and on Saturday until 18:00. Large supermarkets and souvenir shops work without a break and weekends.
In Greece, craftsmen buy wine, olives, olive oil, spices, feta cheese, carpets, pottery, lace, embroidery, icons, gold and silver jewelry as gifts. In large cities you can buy fashionable clothes, shoes, bags at very nice prices. Greek coats are the subject of dreams of many Ukrainians.
In bazaars and in small private shops you can bargain.
VAT tax refund is possible upon departure from the country if the purchase was made in the amount of more than 120 euros in one day in one store.


FEATURE: For purchases worth more than 1.5 thousand euros, you can pay only by credit card or checks (cash is not accepted).


Cuisine in Greece is unusually diverse, tasty and healthy. Its basis is fish and seafood, vegetables, fruits, feta cheese, olive oil, spices. The famous Greek salad, “moussaka”, “guchevy” (beef with rice and vegetables), “souvlaki” (lamb or veal kebab), “zaziki” (special yogurt with cucumbers and garlic) are the must-have culinary program for tourists. First courses are not very popular.
Traditional drinks are Greek coffee and frappe. Alcoholic traditions - Greek wines, ouzo anise vodka, crayfish, Metaxa cognac.
At the end of the meal, the tavern owner will usually treat you with a glass of crayfish and fruit, even if the entire order consisted of a cup of coffee.


Tipping (5-10%) is usually given to hotel staff, waiters, taxi drivers, guides.


The beaches of Greece are spacious, clean and overwhelmingly sandy. All of them are municipal and free. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented at an additional cost, and in many hotels their use is included in the price.


FEATURE: Greece ranks second (after Spain) in terms of the number of beaches with “blue flags”. There are almost 380 such people in the country.


At 80 km from Athens is the famous hydroclimatic resort of Loutraki. Water from local thermal springs (+37 ° C) is indicated for diseases of the musculoskeletal, respiratory, nervous systems, gynecological and skin diseases, to improve blood circulation.
Another balneological resort Edipsos is located on the island of Euboea, on the shores of the Aegean Sea. Its sodium chloride and hydrocarbonate-chloride sodium, including radon, hot mineral springs (up to +78 ° C) are hit from underground from a depth of 3000 m.
Thermal water is used mainly in the form of baths for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, gynecological diseases. Along with hydrotherapy, mud is also used.


Athens, Patras, Piraeus, Delphi, Cape Sunio, Sparta, Arachova village, Meteora monastery complex, Mykonos, Nafplio, Mistras, cruise on the islands of Aegina - Poros - Hydra, Levadia, Thebes, Thessaloniki, Kassandra peninsula on Halkidiki, the only Orthodox in the world the monastic republic of Athos, located on the peninsula of the same name, the main city of the Halkidiki peninsula - Poligoros, Mount Olympus, Dion, Vergina, Pela, Olympia.
Orthodox tourists (and the Greeks include Russians and Ukrainians) can get free excursions to Greek temples.
Since the spring of 2012, Greece has been introducing a “package ticket” that will allow visiting a specific set of museums and archaeological sites. Their list and ticket price will depend on the region of Greece.


FEATURE: Ancient monuments cannot be visited in stilettos: sharp heels damage the ancient heritage, and even tucking one's foot in them is worthless.


Diving, windsurfing, tennis, basketball, golf, fitness clubs, thalassotherapy, water parks. You can go horse riding or take dance classes.
Nightlife is raging in Greece in bars, taverns, clubs, casinos, and discos.






Resorts: Athens, Kastoria, Delphi,

Beach resorts in Greece: Agios Nikolaos, about. Santorini Fr. Zakynthos Peninsula Peloponnese, about. Kerkyra, peninsula of Halkidiki, about. Kos, Rethymnon, about. Crete, Chania, about. Mykonos, Hersonissos, about. Rhodes

Capital: Athens
Language: Modern Greek
Embassy of Greece in Ukraine: Kiev, st. Panfilovtsev, 10
tel .: (044) 254-54-71, 254-54-78 (consular department)
e-mail: gremb.kiev@mfa.gr
website: www.mfa.gr/kiev