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Israel, useful information for tourists

The State of Israel

Capital: Jerusalem
Language: Hebrew, Arabic
The Israeli Embassy in Ukraine: Kyiv, blvd. Lesya Ukrainka, 34
Tel .: (44) 586-15-00, 586-15-44 (the Consular Section)
e-mail: info@kiev.mfa.gov.il
Website: http://ukraine.mfa.gov.il


Time: Kyiv does not differ
Phone code: 972
Web: .il
Currency: Shekel (ILS)
Course: $ 1 ~ 3,49 ILS, 1 euro ~ 4,7 ILS
Entry into the country for citizens of Ukraine: visa is not required
Food: The cost of a "model" dinner $ 15
Service: tip 10% of the order

One of the most popular destinations in Israel - religious tourism. But even far from religion tourists, looking for many sacred places of interest, do not diminish their importance. Due to the small size of Israel during a trip, you can take a dip in several seas and go to the mountains, to see cultural monuments and get acquainted with the kibbutzim, and along with the body to be diagnosed at a clinic in the country.
  The natural diversity of Israel, bringing together several of the seas (Mediterranean, Galilee, the Dead and Red), deserts, mountains, flowering gardens, complemented by its centuries old, are honored and faithful adherents of different religions and philosophical trends. Here, well-developed tourist infrastructure and hotel chain. Israel is replete with world-class health centers and clinics, so the therapeutic recreation in the country especially popular.
Airline "UIA" and El Al operates direct flights to Tel Aviv from Kiev.
FEATURE: When flying El Al aircraft at the Boryspil airport passengers will interview the security officer of the airline. Security officers may ask questions of all kinds.
To enter Israel as tourists or for the treatment of visa is not required. It is possible to stay in the country 90 days within 180 days. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.
In addition, at the entrance to Israel must be confirmed purpose of the visit. It is recommended to carry documents that previously required for visa at the embassy: Flights to and fro; insurance; confirmation of hotel reservation (voucher from the travel agency or fax / e-mail printout from the hotel); for going for treatment - a letter from an Israeli hospital, a certificate of Ukrainian doctors. May also be useful documents confirming solvency traveler (credit card, bank statement, a letter from the employer stating salary, traveler's checks or cash).
However, for certain categories of citizens are restrictions on visits to Israel, even though when entering the country does not need a visa. So, Ukrainians who has ever been denied entry into Israel will have to personally submit a request to the embassy to enter the country. The same requirements apply to citizens of Ukraine, in the past violated the visa regime in Israel. In addition, the Ukrainians, who were deported from Israel will not be able to enter the country for 10 years.
If instead of a tourist passport travel document for traveling abroad, it is necessary to open a visa. This applies, for example, children's travel documents. An opportunity not to put the child there is a visa if it is inscribed in the passport of one of the parents.
Rules concerning the necessary documents to enter the country, change frequently, so you need to specify the information on the website of the Embassy of Israel in the "Consular Services."
FEATURE: Visa-free regime is not a guarantee of entry into Israel, as the final decision shall be taken by border guards of the country.
At the airport, Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) is a system of "red" and "green" corridors. On the "green" corridor is allowed to carry up to 250 cigarettes or 250 grams of tobacco, 1 liter of spirits, 2 liters of wine, no more than 250 ml of cologne or perfume gifts worth no more than $ 200 (including food - up to 3 kg) as well as objects and items for personal use.
Toll-free in Israel can be imported typewriters, photo and movie cameras (not including camera), radios, tape recorders, binoculars, personal jewelry, musical instruments, phonographs, equipment for camping or sports equipment, bicycle, etc.
Through the "red" corridor to go to the tourists who are carrying objects, subject to declaration (visual equipment, diving equipment, hand tools). For them at the border will need to make customs bond, which is refunded if the items will be presented to customs when leaving the country.
Importation into Israel of animals, plants, firearms, meat, various raw materials is only possible by prior arrangement.
For importation of dogs and cats need a certificate of vaccination against rabies at least 30 days but not more than one year prior to their entry into Israel. Do not bring animals under three months.
Import and export of currency is not limited.
Antiques manufactured before 1700, can be taken only with the written permission of the Israel Antiquities Authority. At the same time charged the additional 10% tax on exports.
FEATURE: Customs control in Israel very carefully. Passengers must be registered no later than 3 hours prior to departure.
Desired phone
Ukrainian Embassy in Israel in Tel Aviv: 972 (3) 604-02-42
Fire Service 102
Police 100
Ambulance 101
You can exchange money in all major tourist centers, airports, hotels, banks. Rate in exchange offices profitable than the banks. Return exchange shekels for foreign currency is possible in the same branch of the bank upon presentation of a receipt for exchange on the shekel.
Banks are open daily from 8:30 to 14:00. On Monday and Thursday - also from 16:00 to 18:00. On Friday, the eve of holidays - from 8:00 to 12:00. On Saturdays, all banks are closed.
Israel has accepted major credit cards: Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club, Visa, MasterCard.
Widely used traveler's checks. With their exchange must present a passport.
Israel - a compact country. From north to south it is possible to drive for 12 hours. Domestic flights are made on the Tel Aviv - Haifa and Eilat - Eilat.
The railway connects Jerusalem with Haifa through Tel Aviv, and its extreme points are Beersheba in the south and in the north Naharia.
The most common mode of transport is the bus in Israel - both within cities and on long-distance lines. Coaches generally have air conditioning. Some buses in Tel Aviv and Be'er Sheva can use wireless Internet, reported by logo Wi-Fi bus. Tickets must be purchased from the driver or in advance at the ticket office at the bus station. In Jerusalem there is also a tram.
The movement of buses in Israel ceases to religious holidays, as well as on Friday afternoon and resumes Saturday evening. The same situation is with the trains. These days it is best to use a taxi, although at a higher rate.
Taxis ply in cities and between them. Rates are lower in the bus.
Taxis can be ordered by phone (charges apply) or catch on the road, raising his hand. All machines are equipped with meters. Sitting in a taxi, it is necessary to ensure that the meter is turned on, otherwise the price of the trip can be unpredictable. And you can specify in advance the price, but on the counter to pay more profitable. There are three tariffs: day, night (it operates on Saturdays and holidays) and tourism. Daily rate: landing - 11.1 NIS plus NIS 0.31 for each click counter. Night rate (from 21:00 to 5:30) above the daily somewhere in the 30%. Tourist used to travel far outside the city, the counter multiplies the distance traveled by 2. It should make sure that the taxi driver did not drove to the tourist fare in the city. If the taxi ride 3 or more people will be charged extra. There is also an extra charge for luggage (if more than two).
To rent a car, you must be over 21 years old, have an international driver's license and credit card. The cost of rent - from $ 40. Road map in Russian can be purchased at the hotel kiosk.
FEATURE: Wear a seat belt and a must for drivers and passengers in the front and rear seats. Children under 14 are prohibited riding in the front seat.
In Israel, hotels classified by grade. EC (economy class) corresponds to 2 *, Suite hotel, Guest house - 3 *, TC (tourist class) - analogue 3 + *, FC (First Class) - Category 4 *, SFC (first super class) - the same as the 4 + *, DLX (deluxe) - analogue Category 5 *, SDLX (super deluxe) - 5 + *.
Many hotels in the country belong to international hotel chains: Hilton, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn, InterContinental, Hyatt, Mercure. Has its own national network of hotels - Dan, Fattal, Atlas, Isrotel. They all meet the highest international standards.
Some Israeli hotels when placing take a pledge of $ 100-200 in cash or credit card details of the client. When eviction after paying bills (if the tourist additional services) returns the difference.
Dining Israel is very high quality, regardless of category. Often it's a buffet.
Major hotels have elevators that during Shabbat work in a special mode (so-called Sabbath-lifts): stop at every floor to transport people who observe the Sabbath and can not at this time to press the button.
Voltage - 220 V, frequency - 50 Hz. Sockets have three connectors, but usually they can connect European adapters.
The level of safety of residents and tourists is maintained at a very high level.
In addition to an interview before the flight, the airline El Al is the only place where it can be seen guards - at the entrance to the hotel, restaurant or shopping center.
Show contents of the bag protection asks no more than in European capitals.
You can not touch things forgotten in transport or abandoned on the street. If something suspicious, you should immediately call the police.
Tourists must always have a passport - in order to avoid problems with the police.
Visit temples in need appropriate clothing (arms, legs and head are closed and sometimes women do not have to wear long trousers).
In Israel, forbidden to drink alcohol in public places.
Every Saturday (Sabbath) - saint for most local residents a day of rest. He begins at sunset on Friday and ends on the day after sunset (the same way the beginning and end of all national holidays). During Shabbat not work kosher shops, cafes, transport (the only exception - taxi), this day can only rest and pray. In the Arab neighborhoods of shops, restaurants and cafes are working on Saturday and during almost all the Jewish holidays.
Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) - the most important day of the year in Israel (falls on September-October). 24 hours life fades: TV does not work, transport, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants - everything is closed. You can move around on foot or by bike, but in any case not on the car (it only allowed the police and ambulance firefighters). Day Jews do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke, and guests of this country, too, can not be done on the streets.
The country is mostly a subtropical climate, although there are areas of tropical dry and temperate climate type. Summers are long - from April to October, hot and almost no rain. In the summer of Arabian and Sinai deserts withering winds blow.
In Tel Aviv is hot and humid in Jerusalem mountain air makes it easier to transfer heat, in Beer Sheva is hot and dry. The most comfortable climate - in Jerusalem and the Golan: not so hot during the day and cool at night. But in the coastal plain is hot and humid.
Winter rainy, in the mountainous regions somewhat cooler and drier, and on the coast and in the Jordan Valley - quite soft. In southern Israel, tropical climate - the most attractive for recreation. In January, the average temperatures in the country range from +10 ° C to +20 ° C. Usually rains begin in late October, intensified in December-February and terminated in April. More precipitation in the north and west. All hotels, shops, banks, transport from the high temperatures save air conditioning.
The swimming season in the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of ​​Galilee continues from early April to late October, and in the Red and the Dead Sea you can swim all year round.
FEATURES: One and the same temperature in different areas can be perceived differently due to differences in moisture.
Most shops are open from Sunday to Thursday from 9:00 to 19:00, Friday - 14:00. Some of them are closed for a break from 13:00 to 16:00. Large shopping centers are open on weekdays from 8:00 to 22:00.
On the colorful bazaars you can buy handmade products from olive wood, mother of pearl, ceramics, leather and straw, glass ornaments and exotic clothing.
Bazaars necessarily have to bargain - the price can shoot down twice.
In Israel, pretty good, but expensive wines, cosmetics with Dead Sea minerals, oriental spices. It is worth to buy diamonds and other precious stones mounted in gold and silver, as the largest diamond exchange is located in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv.
When buying diamonds or diamond jewelry on the stock exchange is required to issue a passport gem. And if next trip to Israel a desire to change to a more expensive stone, it will be sufficient to pay the difference.
Tourists are exempt from VAT (18%) for many services: from residence before admission to the hospital. When leaving the country, they can return the tax if purchased goods worth more than $ 100 retail members - VAT refund. In Eilat, the zone of free trade, the amount of purchase for a refund of VAT must be at least $ 200.
FEATURE: For decoration, the price of which NIS equivalent to $ 200, VAT returns.
Israel's favorite food - a mixture of all the Levantine and Mediterranean cuisines. This pita, hummus, falafel, eggplant, lots of fish and vegetables. Of sweets - baklava, cakes with fruit, gingerbread. All the food is very spicy and peppery - the influence of Arab culinary traditions. Spirits Israelis rarely used, mainly drinking wine.
Kosher food (allowed to use the laws of Judaism) are served in most hotels and many restaurants. In summary, the kosher laws prohibit the use of pork, the meat of animals that are not cloven-hoofed ruminants and can not also have a shellfish is prohibited to mix dairy and meat products. In ote¬lyah for breakfast to a variety of buffet served yet and dairy dishes for lunch and dinner - meat.
However, almost everywhere there are non-kosher restaurants, as well as numerous places of Chinese, Russian, French and Oriental cuisine.
FEATURE: From 23:00 to 6:00 liquor can only be bought in bars and restaurants.
Tipping in restaurants is about 10%, if they are not included in the bill. Guides give $ 4-5 per person per day, tourist bus drivers - $ 2-3. To tip taxi drivers is not accepted.
Israel is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Dead. Dead Sea perfect sandy beaches are in the southern part. In the north of Israel's Red Sea coast are good sandy beaches, the southern part, near the border with Egypt, rocky, sometimes with coral reefs near the shore.
Israel - one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism. The country is known for its high level of health, rapid and accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, clear organization, impeccable service, friendly attitude towards patients. None of these diseases, which would not have specialized doctors of the country. The country has successfully developed new types of alternative medicine.
The most famous spa resort of Israel - the Dead Sea. Its main specialization - treatment of skin diseases and musculoskeletal system. There are thermal waters in the country, on the basis of which is based spa treatment.
FEATURE: In the medical institutions of the country in the shortest time (4-5 hours) are diagnosed.
Israel can learn indefinitely. You should start with Jerusalem, which shows the shrines of three religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Be sure to go on a trip to the Dead Sea, in Hamat Gader (crocodile nursery, mineral springs, mud baths), Eilat (dolphinarium, akvanarium), Haifa (Bahai Temple). Historical Park in Caesarea, the park "Mini Israel", the Golan Heights, Latrun Monastery molchalnikov, artists village of Ein Hod.
The road from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is a serpentine. The descent is at 1000 m above sea level to 400 m below sea level. Warn tourists about specific feelings - your ears pop.
Christians better instead to go to Galilee Golan - in the Sermon on the Mount Church, the Church of the five loaves and Nazareth.
FEATURE: To place the baptism of Jesus Christ - the site of the Jordan River in Kasral-Yahud - can now be accessed freely without obtaining permission from the military.
Negev desert safaris, horseback riding, camel riding, rafting on the Jordan River, water sports, boat trips.
You can visit the Tanahichesky Zoo in Jerusalem, an amusement park "Balagan" at Kibbutz Yagur, orchid park "Utopia", located in the center of the country, near Tel Aviv, Netanya, Haifa. Casino in Israel find - gambling banned.