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The services of our travel agency

Search and selection of the last minute tours

Tours, which for some reason were not sold and remains before they begin a few days is called last minute or "burning". Popular hotels very rarely in the "last minute" offers, they are snapping up a month before the start of the tour. "Last Minute" vouchers sold at a deep discount. If you are ready to come in a few days and you have a passport - can take advantage of this offer. Do not look for that "burning" will offer just when you begin a vacation, so you risk to spend it in anticipation of this voucher. The root cause of rest in this case - the offer and leave - a consequence.



Sightseeing tours in Europe

The most simple and relatively inexpensive way to visit Europe is possible! To do this, choose bus tours. There is a great variety of them! In each of them you will visit several countries and see the main and the most interesting sights.
For more details and a detailed study of each country, there are air tours. Staying a few days in one city or country you will be able to fully experience the charm and the rhythm of the place.
Registration of visas in this case, we take upon ourselves. Your task - to correctly assemble a package of documents under our strict guidance.




We cooperate with almost all airlines of the world.
Regular flights Book as early as possible - only in this case, you will be able to purchase tickets at the lowest price or promotional. The less time left before departure - the more expensive it becomes a ticket. Tickets for charter flights are not sold in advance! They can be bought for just a few days before departure, if seats remain unsold. Charter flights in advance only sell to tourists who purchase a complete package - accommodation, meals, transfers, excursions.




Execution of documents for various purposes

We will assist you to get and to registrate documets of different types and purpose, if you need a quick and convenient way for you to meet these challenges. We know that you too can own their issue, but sometimes the path is thorny and very durable. Give us take these worries to yourself and pay more of their time more valuable events in my life than to spend it in idling in endless queues at various levels and institutions.




Free processing of visas for Ukrainians

We make out the free tourist visas to different countries for those citizens of Ukraine who buy our full package tour or book through us stay in the country for the entire stay or validity of the visa. Take advantage of this opportunity to save yourself from the complexities associated with visas themselves.
If you really need to pay for living in the host country, then paying the same cost as in the independent booking (eg through the site BOOKING.COM) you receive from us a free service for issuing visas .

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