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Sri Lanka, useful information for tourists

Time to Kiev, plus 3 hours - in winter, plus 4 hours - summer [Nepal]
Teleonny code: 94
Web: .lk
Currency: Lanka Rupee (LKR)
Course: $ 1 ~ 123 LKR, 1 Euro ~ 162 LKR
Check-visa is not required
Food: The cost of a "model" dinner: $ 5-15
Service: tip: not required
Sri Lanka - a country of pristine nature, the mighty ocean, great architectural monuments - is now experiencing a real tourist boom. Actively build hotels and resorts of international networks, local authorities improve infrastructure and diversify the tourist offer. In the meantime, here frills civilization should not wait.

Direct flight from Kiev - Colombo performs "Aerosvit". The time in the air - 9:00. When leaving the country paid airport taxes (except for children under two years old) - 1500 rupees (in local currency). On regular flights all charges are included in the ticket price.

From 1 January 2012 the citizens of Ukraine and CIS countries intending to visit Sri Lanka c short visit to receive the electronic travel authorization - (Electronic Travel Authorization - ETA). Permit is issued online at www.eta.gov.lk.
If the application has been sent successfully, a confirmation of receipt will be sent to the applicant or a third party specified in the declaration. Should be denied ETA, the system will send a notice of refusal to the applicant, and it will need to seek help from the nearest overseas mission in Sri Lanka. If ETA is granted, the applicant will be notified in writing about it. It is recommended to have a copy of the notice of the issuance of ETA.
The person having the ETA, has the right of entry to Sri Lanka within three months from the date of issue of the ETA.
Necessary documents for entry: a passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip, a return ticket to the specified date of departure, hotel booking confirmation or cash at the time of stay in the country at the rate of $ 15 per person per day, entry immigration card filled in English.
Entered in the passport on children older than 5 years should be pasted picture. If a child under the age of 18 traveling with a parent or accompanied by a third party, a notarized permission to travel from the second or both parents, respectively.
ETA is initially valid up to 30 days from the date of arrival and may be extended for up to six in the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka.
The cost of the electronic permit is $ 20 for children under 12 years of visa free. The visa fee is not charged to tourists who will be in the country for less than 48 hours.

Feature: Make a resolution can be at the front and ETA at the airport, for it will be charged an additional fee.

In the country duty-free access for persons older than 18 years: 1.5 liter of spirits, two bottles of wine, 250 ml perfume, souvenirs, and other goods for personal use totaling up to $ 250. Expensive things you need to declare.
The import of drugs, firearms, ammunition, explosives, knives, antiques, plants, fruits, meat, poultry, medications (other than for personal use - if the recipe), pornographic or propagandistic, printed or video atheistic orientation.
Import and export of foreign currency is unlimited (obligatory declaration of amounts in excess of $ 10 thousand.). Indian and Pakistani currency to import prohibited.
Toll-free from Sri Lanka can take jewelry and processed precious stones, 10 kg of tea. Special export permit is necessary for the objects of historical or cultural value, antique masks, manuscripts, books, articles of ivory, collections of coins and stamps, animals, plants, raw precious and semiprecious stones. Export of corals, shells and other protected marine products is strictly prohibited.
Tourists are special corridor at customs, where no one ever checks. This corridor is separate from the "green" and "red".
Feature: Import of Sri Lanka of any quantity of tobacco products taxed. Its value depends on the size of the products: the import of cigarettes length of 72-84 mm are charged 6.7 rupees apiece, length 84 mm - 7 rupees per 1 kg of tobacco or cigars - 1300 rupees.
Desired phone
Embassy of Ukraine in India and Sri Lanka (part-time) in Delhi: 91 (11) 261-460-41
Fire Service 122
Police 133
Tourist Police 119
Ambulance 144
Reference 11-811

You can exchange money at banks, airports and major international hotels. The most favorable exchange rate in Sri Lanka at the airport. It is not recommended to do it in markets or shops, so as not to become a victim of fraud. Currency exchange at the airport issued a check on which the departure airport in Colombo to make a reverse exchange rupees at the official rate of purchase.
Banks are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 13: 00-15: 00.
Major hotels and shops accept international credit cards are the leading payment systems. In big cities there are ATMs.
Large banks and hotels accept traveler's checks, and often their exchange rate even more profitable than cash.
You can also pay in dollars, but the price is rounded up and delivery give in rupees.

Feature: Outside the resort areas of non-cash payment is virtually impossible.

Internal flights in Sri Lanka virtually undeveloped. Routes by which regular flights Colombo - Jaffna, Colombo - Trincomalee, Colombo - Sigiriya. There is also a taxi - Helicopters 4-20 seats, flying from any airport in Sri Lanka.
The country has a dense network of railways, the train can be reached in the farthest part of the island. Travelling by train is cheap, but sometimes it is a real adventure for tourists. The carriages are often overcrowded, air conditioning only in the train, the compositions are usually accompanied by military guard. And their speed is lower than the bus. Express runs between Colombo and Kandy.
Intercity buses are very cheap - for $ 03.05 you can drive from one end of the country. However, public buses (usually red) in a terrible condition, overcrowded and move very slowly. Better to use a private bus (usually white) - they are more expensive and more comfortable, and minibuses owned hotels.
In the cities are also common auto rickshaws (tuk-tuk). The cost of the trip they should agree in advance.
Convenient way to travel for tourists - taxis. In Colombo and suburbs taxis with meters, they can call on the phone. Planting of the first kilometer cost about Rs 28-30 crore plus 24-26 / km. Drivers often do not surrender, so it's good to carry small bills.
Renting a car can be persons at least 21 years in the presence of a driver's license of international standard. Rental price - from $ 30 per day.
Roads in the country are narrow, crowded with pedestrians, cyclists, and the fat-the fat. A distance of 100 km can be overcome for 5 hours.

Feature: It is better to rent a car with a driver, as in Sri Lanka left-hand traffic.

There is no official classification of hotels. Their stars are given conditionally, based on experience with the leading tour operators in Sri Lanka. Hotel base is small and mainly belongs to British companies. A minor part of the hotel is full global brands (Amanresorts, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Taj). 4-5 * hotels a bit, and they need to be booked in advance. "Troika" should be carefully selected, although most of them are quite good.
Many hotels are made in colonial style, small territory, but green. Some of them are built in the style of "tropical modernism", which involves erasing the boundaries between interior and exterior space. There are also interesting from an ecological concept of the hotel: located in the trees, on piles of rice fields and canals, mud huts, but filled with the latest technology. There are a few special accommodations to restore health system of Ayurveda.
The resort is located mainly in the south-west coast of tropical landscapes. Almost all of the beach hotels are located on the seafront. Hotels and placed along the tour routes, as well as in the highlands.
Sri Lanka - a popular place for an exotic wedding ceremony. It is inexpensive, and the marriage is recognized in Ukraine after the procedure of legalization of documents. You can choose between formal or informal ceremony.

Feature: Basically Half board is available in a number of upscale hotels - breakfast, some hotels may stay in the system All inclusive. Part of the hotel offers a menu in Russian.

Voltage - 230-240 V, frequency - 50 Hz, three-pin plug. The hotel at the reception you can ask for free adapter.

When traveling to Sri Lanka immunizations are required. Yet we must guard against mosquito bites and other insect repellents should definitely be in the medicine cabinet tourist (as well as sunscreen with a high protection cream and burns). Fumigators are in most hotels. If you plan a trip to the jungle with an overnight stay should be one week before traveling to take anti-malaria tablets.
Specific threat is wild wasps during the breeding season, especially when visiting historical monuments located in the forest (Sigiriya, Aluvihara, Mihintale and others).
You can not use tap water, ice, sold on the street - only bottled water with cork factory. Also need to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water, fruits and vegetables (and better - parboil), do not buy sliced ​​peeled fruit. It is advisable not to eat salads outside the hotel, relatively fearlessly can only have vegetables in their skins or heat treated. The food in the hotel is absolutely safe, yet spicy and exotic dishes should be administered in its menu gradually.
Excessive drinking of water or coconut juice will survive the heat.
Betel leaves, chewing which refers to the South Asian tradition, has a stimulating effect and are not addictive. In this case, the mouth, tongue, gums and salivate profusely painted in red, teeth turn black.
Virtually the entire population of Sri Lanka speaks English. Pointers on the streets are often also made in English.
In the popular tourist places are tourist police checkpoints.

Feature: For the import and distribution of drugs facing the death penalty, although local people very often uses and sells soft drugs.

Do not leave unattended personal belongings and luggage, even for a few minutes - it can alert security. For storing documents and valuables should use safe.
If you plan to visit the temples, you will need to wear closed and shorts, short skirts, open shirts and blouses are best left to the beach. At the entrance to the temple remove headgear and footwear (for such cases suitable disposable socks).
Do not remove the power plant, port facilities, airports, military units, railway stations. To photograph the temples, you must obtain permission.
You can not turn your back to the statues of the Buddha or to pose on their background, to show interlocutor feet indicate that a forefinger, take things with his left hand.
In the full moon days (Poya Day) can not drink alcohol in public places, including restaurants and bars, including those working on the system All inclusive. Alcohol consumption is only possible in the hotel room.
Conversation in a raised voice does not fit in the local rules of conduct. Also, do not make noise in the evening, after sunset.
You should not openly show feelings between man and woman.
Banned the hunting of animals, including marine life, and the collection of coral. Some animals are sacred to the representatives of certain denominations (eg cow - for Hindus).

The climate of Sri Lanka monsoon, the north and east - sub-equatorial in the south and west - equatorial. Humidity is high, especially in cities - almost always more than 75%. On the coast, the constant sea breeze mitigates the situation. Twice a year, monsoons bring heavy rains and cause a storm in the ocean. Precipitation occurs mainly at night.
Sri Lanka - a year-round destination. But the fall and spring - is mezhmussonnye periods at this time may be short showers. On the south and west coasts of Sri Lanka's dry season - from October to April, in the north-east - from March to November. At this time, the best conditions for swimming and water sports: Indian Ocean calm, no big waves. Seawater temperature all year round - about +26 ° C.
Average air temperature:
April +28 ° C
May +28 ° C
June +27 ° C
July +27 ° C
August +27 ° C
September +27 ° C
October +28 ° C
November +27 ° C
December +24 ° C
January +24 ° C
February +24 ° C
March +24 ° C

Feature: The island of Sri Lanka has no outer reef and is open to all winds, so in the south-west coast of the ocean "waves" throughout the year, but the gentle slope into the water and sandy bottom allow to swim whatever the season.

Stores usually work on weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays - from 9:30 to 13:00.
Sri Lanka is known worldwide for its precious stones: sapphires, rubies, topaz, amethyst, tourmaline and others. Purchase jewelry recommended in specialized stores or factories, requiring a certificate of conformity and check. Otherwise, the high risk of running into a fake. With the certificate, the stone a few years can be exchanged at the factory, where it was purchased.
Also a good present will Ceylon tea, spices, aromatic oils, porcelain, handicrafts, especially ritual masks, batik, ceramics and leather. In cities you can buy inexpensive high-quality textiles.
Often, guides, drivers tuk-tuks and other local advisers bring tourists to the shops with inflated prices. Therefore, at the "fish" places for shopping is better to consult a travel agency representatives or employees of the hotel.
In markets and in private stores should be traded.

Feature: The quality gems are excellent, and the prices are low.

Kitchen Sri Lanka is a lot like South Indian. At the heart of food - rice and curry. Moreover, under the curry refers to dishes of fish, meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, legumes and fruit flavored proper curry powder mixed with other spices. The kitchen is very sharp, so it is worth wondering about the composition of the dishes before you order it. The hotels food is usually marked red pepper indicate a sharp dish, crossed pepper - to mild. At the buffet, usually savory curry put separately in clay pots.
Many dishes contain coconut in various forms: chips, juice, oil. Characteristic component of the Sri Lankan cuisine is umbalakada - powdered dry fish. Common dish made from rice flour: noodles "string Hoppers" pancakes "Appa", a mixture of rice flour, grated coconut and water "pita" unleavened bread "roti". Luxury selection of seafood: fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, squid. Particular attention is paid to sauces. Traditional dessert - cheese from buffalo milk with palm honey. Incredibly diverse selection of tropical fruits: avocado, mango, lychee, mangosteen, rambutan, longan, papaya, oranges, coconut, durian, jackfruit, pineapple.
Popular alcoholic drinks - "arak" (coconut brew), beer, local rum. Alcohol can be bought in supermarkets all major cities or in small shops along the main roads.

Feature: spicy food is better not to drink water, and jam bread, rice or bannock.

Tipping is not mandatory, part payment for services (10%) are already included in the bill. However, drivers, receptionist at the hotel and porters expect a small (30-50 rupees) reward. The guide is left up to $ 20 per group for each day sightseeing. Give a little tip to the waiter and only for good service.

Coast of Sri Lanka - is more than 1000 km of beaches with soft sand, coconut palms, coral reefs. Most resorts are located to the south of Colombo, and further, the cleaner beaches and the rest of the territory.
When swimming in the ocean should be extremely cautious: bottom currents are dangerous enough, you can cut yourself coral fragments. In the evening, because of the abundance of mosquitoes is not necessary to walk barefoot on the beach.

Feature: Sunbathing topless in Sri Lanka is not accepted.

Sri Lanka has a long tradition of Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda centers are open almost every hotel. Local feature - massaging oils (Oil-massage). Cost of services centers Ayurveda is very affordable, cheaper than in India.
It must be borne in mind that the rate of Ayurvedic treatment involves special treatment, diet, treatments for two to three weeks. It is not necessary to combine it with traditional holiday and devote the entire trip (if the goal is healing).
Ayurvedic treatments in wet weather are considered more effective.


Feature: medical consultation held in English.

Excursions in Colombo, Aluviharu, Pollonnaruvu, Trincomalee, in "Little England Ceylon" Nuwara Eliya, in the historic city of Galle, Matara, Kataragama, Hambantota, Kurunegala, Yapahuva, Panduvasnuvara, Anuradhapura. Organized pilgrimage to the sacred mountain climbing Adam's Peak.
It is also necessary to see the rock Sigiriya, Aukanu - a huge stone statue of Buddha, Bo tree, Ark Ruvanvelisee Dagobah, rocky massif Dambulla cave to the Golden Temple, tea plantations, mountain range Knakles, valley Horton Plains.
Organized walks across the bridge of Adam (the bridge Rama), which connects India and Sri Lanka.
In the mines, but we can Ratnapura observe the treatment of gemstones.

Active guests can choose rafting, climbing, trekking in the mountains and jungle, fishing, parasailing, paragliding, golf, horseback riding, biking, kayaking and canoeing, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, snorkelling. Divers in the waters of the Indian Ocean has a great variety of corals, underwater cliffs, caves and shipwrecks. Diving center south-west coast run from mid-October until the end of April, and the north-east - from March to October.
Nature lovers visit the largest in Asia Royal Botanic Gardens in the suburbs of Kandy - Peradeniya. Not far from Colombo Dehiwala, the zoo, in the village of Pinnawala - elephant orphanage. Noteworthy Sinharaja tropical rain forest, gardens spices in Human torpedo.
In Sri Lanka, 14 national parks. Uda Walawe - the best park to observe the elephants.
You can go on a coral island Pidzheon in the east, yacht cruises.
Nightlife on the island is mainly concentrated in hotels: discos, night clubs. Colombo has a casino.

Feature: In Sri Lanka, are very fond of holidays and mark them in a big way, they are given almost a third of days in a year. Full moon days in the country - this weekend.

Eastern region gives travelers a completely different view of Sri Lanka: climate - a hot and dry, the coastline - with bays and lagoons and coconut palms on the ocean surface. Peace leisurely vacation on the beach, with endless beaches of Trincomalee in the north to the south of Arugam Bay, which stretches for about 275 km along the eastern coast.
This region is recommended to visit from March to November. East Coast offers unlimited possibilities for all kinds of water sports and underwater photography.

Feature: To get to the east coast of Colombo, have to cross the entire country. But the duration of the trip is good because on the way you can visit the many attractions and visit the various celebrations.


Tours to Sri Lanka in Nikolaev

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


Capital: Sri Dzhayavardenapura
Language: Sinhala, Tamil, English
Embassy of Sri Lanka in Russia and Ukraine (concurrently):
Ul. Shchepkina 24
tel. 7 (495) 688-16-20? 688-16-51
e-mail: moscow@srilankaemb.com
Website: www.srilankaembassy.org