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Turkey, useful information for tourists

Time: Kyiv does not differ
Phone code: 90
Web: .tr
Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)
Course: $ 1 ~
5.25-5.46 TRY, EUR 1 ~ 5.95-6.21 TRY (November 2018)
Visa is needed only for long-term visits
Food: The cost of a "model" dinner: $ 6-20
Service: tip: 10% of the order

Holidays in Turkey tourists invariably associated with complete comfort and relaxation: almost always favorable weather to your pleasant stay on the beach, abundant, delicious and just fed, wants to diversify doing nothing - to the guests a variety of attractions, sightseeing, good shopping. But, as shown by the previous summer, the Turkish direction markedly increased in price.

Regular flights to Istanbul is in "Aerosvit" departing from Kiev and Dnepr, Odessa. Also, this company has flight Kiev - Ankara. Turkish Airlines offers flights to Istanbul from Dnepr, Kiev, Lviv, Odessa. Pegasus Airlines flies from Kharkov to Istanbul. On the popular Turkish resorts are organized charter flights from major cities in Ukraine. In Antalya regular flight from Kiev have «Wizz Air Ukraine."

In December 2011, Ukraine and Turkey signed an agreement on visa-free regime that operate from May 2012. Agreement introduces visa-free entry, exit transit and residence of one of the countries on the territory of another country on the basis of valid travel documents. The main condition - the period of their continuous stay should not exceed 30 days from the date of entry. The total period of stay in the territory of another State shall not exceed 90 days per period of 180 days.
Prior to this period in Turkey issued a visa at any customs point when entering the country. To obtain Ukrainians must have a passport valid 6 months at the time of crossing the border.

Also from June 1, 2017, citizens of Ukraine have the opportunity visit Turkey using ID-cards (internal passports in the form of a plastic card).
These children should be included in the parent's passport. Also in the parent's passport have to be affixed photograph of the child (since 5 years). Children over the age of 16 must have their travel documents.
For a child of any age traveling with their parents, the visa is purchased separately, regardless of whether he has a passport or it is inscribed in a parent's passport.
Visa fee is $ 30 or 20 euros. Validity of the visa - 180 days for the period of stay up to 90 days. This visa allows for multiple entry to Turkey.
Feature: Visa-free regime applies only to short-term visas

Duty-free import of cigarettes - 600 pcs .; spirits - 2 liters, a fortress to 22 degrees - 3 liters (for persons who are 18 years of age); Coffee - 1 kg; Chocolate - 2 kg; perfume - up to 1 liter; gifts - not exceeding EUR 300; laptop, radio, music player, video camera, camera, 10 CD.
It is impossible to transport drugs, narcotic drugs, weapons (except for members of the sports and hunting clubs - one shotgun and 100 rounds of ammunition to it).
Import of any currency, including Turkish, free. You can take out of the country more than $ 5 thousand. If they were declared upon entry. Confirmation of the exchange, on the basis of which you can exchange unused lira, issued only in banks.
Carpets from Turkey can be taken only upon presentation of the original sales receipt showing the date of manufacture, antiques (created before 1945) are not allowed to export. For transportation of pets require officially certified by the Turkish consulate veterinary certificate.
Valuable personal items can be taken out of the country only if they have been declared upon entry, or if there are documents confirming the legality of their purchase in Turkey.
Desired phone
Embassy of Ukraine in Turkey in Ankara: 90 (312) 441-54-99, 440-52-89
Fire Service 110
Police .155
Ambulance 112
Reference 118

The best exchange rate - at the post office. Private exchange offices often offer a more attractive rate than banks and hotels. Some items may take exchange commission, what should be the appropriate ad. Change money on the black market is quite risky. On weekends, it is better not to change the currency, the most favorable rate on Tuesday and Wednesday.
US dollars and euros in circulation almost everywhere, but small delivery is not allowed.
Banks are open on weekdays from 8:30 to 17:30, a break - from 12:00 to 13:30. At the resorts they work seven days a week. Many exchange points are open until midnight, and Saturday - 12:00.
You can pay by credit card major payment systems. Traveler's checks are accepted everywhere in Turkey, and it is better to choose American Express or Thomas Cook.
Feature: Old banknotes of a new Turkish lira and coins withdrawn from circulation. They can be exchanged for new notes in the Central Bank of Turkey.

Almost all major cities have airports, among which are organized domestic flights.
The railway connects many cities in Turkey, but the train ride usually takes much more time than the bus. Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir run high-speed trains, tickets must be purchased at them for a few days. High-speed train connects Ankara and Eskişehir.
Bus - the most popular means of communication within Turkey. However, they are often overcrowded.
For the country to move comfortably by taxi "dolmus". You can stop them with a wave of the hand. Fare - $ 0.5-3.
Taxis are available in the parking lot or cause with the reception of the hotel. Payment is made at the counter or by agreement, and is usually $ 1 / km. From midnight to 6:00 is a double tariff. To travel long distances with fixed rates.
In Istanbul, there is also room sea taxi that runs between the 27 items on the Bosphorus. During the day a taxi is necessary to lay out 15 lire plus 10 lire per nautical mile. Night rates rise to 20 and 15 lire respectively.
To rent a car, need a driver's license, passport and credit card. Rent a car can face at least 21 years with experience of driving at least one year. Rental price - from $ 30 per day. If you hire a taxi for the day, it will cost about as much as, and car rental.
Feature: Local drivers often ignore the rules, so on the road need to be careful.

The choice of accommodation is extremely varied - from budget to 5 * 2 *. Turkish feature - almost all the hotels are working on system All inclusive. Thus the Turks modify and extend the range of services, adding to the All inclusive various consoles. All inclusive + implies some more services at the discretion of the hotel. Designations Ultra, Superior, Maxi, Deluxe, High Class, Mega indicate a wide range: in addition to other services to tourists rely as imported spirits.
In the west of Turkey and on the south coast are many inexpensive comfortable hotels, to the east of their less. Motels are found on many motorways, cheap hotels are in small towns. The cost of living for the same class varies depending on the terrain.
Check-out time - 12:00. If tourists departure is scheduled for the evening or late, things can be left in the storage room and stay at the hotel, but not in the room.
Form of payment in all the hotels are different: some - magnetic card, in others - checks. To avoid confusion, these receipts is best to keep to the end of stay. Some services are paid for in cash.

Feature: About 100 Turkish hotels have banned the settlement of individual man and male company of several people. For such solutions in the management of Turkish hotels there are several reasons.
One of them is a little too noisy and active recreation men companies that want to heartily enjoy the service of a hotel in Turkey and the system of "All inclusive".
Also, owners of hotels in Turkey do not want to attract gay men or lesbians. Attitude to them in Turkish culture is not supportive, as Muslim tradition is very strong in Turkish society.
Many hotels are family orientated, so the hotel manager did not want to contribute to the indecent behavior of men who arrived without companions, and are willing to allow other travelers to sleep at night.


Voltage 220 V almost everywhere, only in remote areas of Turkey - 110 (often falls), frequency - 50 Hz. European sockets are used.
Turkey - one of the most peaceful countries for the rest. For the security, the gendarmerie and the police. Gendarmes authorized to check the documents of tourists on the street and for the inspection. Therefore, in itself always need to have a travel voucher or a business card of the hotel.
Large sums of money, documents and valuables best left in the hotel safe.
Tap water is safe to drink, but it's better to buy bottled.
Before the trip, tourists better to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B.

Do not be impatient when dealing with the locals. A few words in Turkish often open to any foreigner door. You can not speak negatively about Ataturk - Turks revere the memory of the first president of the country.
At the entrance to the mosque and the house of a Turk supposed to remove their shoes. Women in the mosque allowed only with closed elbows and knees, and with his head covered. In some mosques (for example, in the Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul) is a separate entrance for tourists. Sit on carpets in the temple of non-Muslims is prohibited.
Before you take pictures of people in provincial towns and rural areas, should ask permission.
In Turkey, a non-smoking (including hookah) in public places, such as restaurants, cafes and bars on the balconies. Smoking is permitted only in catering establishments in the open air, not equipped with umbrellas and awnings. In an outdoor stadium with areas for smoking.
In the region of Mugla, which includes the popular resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye, a ban on loud music and noise after midnight.
Feature: It is considered impolite to drink alcohol in the street outside the hotel.

Turkey is bordered by four seas: the Black, Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean. Relief features led to a variety of climatic zones in Turkey. The west and south is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, the summer months are hot and dry. Therefore, Antalya and the surrounding area is also called the Turkish Riviera. In the central plains - a continental climate, as with the hot and dry summer. In the eastern regions dominated by sharply continental climate. On the Black Sea coast due to the mountainous terrain much rain falls. Heavy summer - very hot and humid - on the Mediterranean coast between Mersin and Antalya.
The most attractive for recreation Aegean and Mediterranean coast. Water in the Mediterranean in the summer warms up to + 28-30 ° C, in the Aegean - up to + 23-25 ​​° C.
The most comfortable time to holiday in Turkey - from April to June or September-October. If selected in the height of summer, it is better Marmara or the Black Sea.
Average air temperature:
The Mediterranean coast
April +25 ° C
May +28 ° C
June +30 ° C
July +35 ° C
August +40 ° C
September +30 ° C
Aegean Coast
April +21 ° C
May +26 ° C
June +30 ° C
July +33 ° C
August +36 ° C
September +30 ° C

Many Turkish shops are open from 9:30 to 19:00. Half time - from 13:00 to 14:00. Day off - Sunday. But at the resorts shops are open until late at night, 7 days a week.
Cheap leather, cotton, gold jewelry, carpets, onyx and copper, electronics made Turkey one of the most attractive countries for purchases.
When leaving the country, you can reclaim the VAT if the goods were bought on the same day in the same store, maintain a system of Tax free, for the sum of 108 or 118 pounds.
Feature: Floating commodity prices allow tourists to bargain for every lira in markets, shops. There is a ritual.

Typical Turkish dishes - doner kebab and, dolma, Berek. A huge variety of vegetable dishes. Occupy a special place sweets - baklava, Turkish delight, chestnuts in syrup, hanymgebei. National drinks - ayran, tea, coffee and Raki (grape brandy with anise).
Although Turkey - Islamic country in the restaurants for dinner are served alcoholic beverages, but in restaurants - no.

Waiters decided to leave about 10% of the order value. Porters, maids give between $ 1. Taxi drivers - amount divisible by 5 lyres.

On the Turkish coast beaches can be found almost all kinds: Sands of Belek and Side, rocky coves of Kemer and Antalya. Aegean Coast is dotted with mostly pebbles. More than 200 beaches in Turkey awarded the "blue flag".
Most hotels 4-5 * have their own beaches and care about cleanliness and order. Although some hotels 3 * 2 * and even has its own beach with free sun loungers and parasols.
At the beach for the use of sunbeds and umbrellas have to pay $ 0.5-2.
Feature: On pobrezhyah Turkey is not accepted topless sunbathing, and even nudist beaches and a fortiori prohibited.

Excursions in Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Demre - World - Kekova, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Side, Ephesus. Sightseeing tour of the coast. In addition, the trip to the island of Cleopatra in the Aegean Sea on a yacht on the Manavgat River.

Jeep Safari, motosafari, rafting, paintball, water parks, dolphin. In most of hotels there are tennis courts and a golf course.
One of the favorite pastimes - Turkish bath (hammam). Popular with tourists and show "Turkish Night".
Feature: The best resorts with an active nightlife - Antalya, Alanya and Side.


The Republic of Turkey

Capital: Ankara

Language: Turkish
The Turkish Embassy in Ukraine: Kiev, st. Arsenal, 18
tel .: (044) 281-07-50
e-mail: kievbe@binet.ua
Website: www.turkembkiev.com