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Visa support. The issue of visas to various countries.

Free service of issuing visas for customers

If your chosen tour, group or individual, includes a trip to the country with a visa regime - we take care of all the chores associated with visa (for those citizens of Ukraine who go on conventional rather than biometric passports).
Your task - to correctly and on time to collect the full package of necessary documents in accordance with the requirements of the Consulate of the country where a visa is required for travel.
About all the details and nuances of these requirements consulate, we will instruct you in detail.
Opening of visas in this case is carried out only under the prepaid excursion or private tour, under-paid in our agency accommodation in the host country for the duration of the visa.



Polish National Visa

We offer you very simply to issue a national Schengen visa for Poland. In this case, you will be relieved of the need to collect references from the workplace and from the bank.
You will need to come to the visa center for personal submission.
Such D type of multiple-entry visas can be up to 180 or up to 365 days in Poland (with the right to work in that country) and the right to stay in other countries of the Schengen area for up to 90 days for half a year (only as a tourist, without the right to work).
With this visa, you will have the right to visit any country of the Schengen agreement, such as
the Republic of Poland, Slovakia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Sweden, Spain, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Greece, Latvia, Liechtenstein, the Czech Republic, Estonia, the Netherlands, Italy, Malta.

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